Gifts that Make Life Easier For Autistic Children

Gifts that Make Life Easier For Autistic Children

The Best Gifts for Autistic Children

The usual children's gift might overwhelm, exhaust, or even scare an autistic child. Some presents may even require motor skills too advanced for a kid with autism, leading to frustration or a feeling of failure.

The best gifts you can give autistic children are those that make both their and their parents’ lives easier. This can be difficult for someone who isn't very familiar with autism or how it can affect the daily lives of the children and their parents.

These practical gifts for autistic children will help them with some of the things they tend to struggle with, such as sensory input, attention span, and social skills.

Practical Gift: SnapLaces


Children with autism often suffer from gross and fine motor-skill delays. Tying shoes, which many children master by the time they enter school, can be a serious struggle and source of frustration for autistic kids.

SnapLaces makes this process easier with their no-tie laces. With these laces, it only takes one hand to tighten shoes, allowing an autistic child more independence. And, parents will no longer need to worry about their child’s laces coming undone at school, leading to safety concerns and possible meltdowns.

SnapLaces also sells a Hope Saves the Day version, which benefits Autism Radio & Hope Saves the Day.  

Sensory Gift: Sands Alive!


Children with autism can have sensory input issues, leading to either a high need for, or a strong aversion to, tactile input. Kinetic sand, therefore, is often used in autism therapies to meet the sensory needs of autistic children.

Kinetic sand can be calming for children who require tactile input, and it can be an excellent tool to help children with aversions to tactile input or messy play become more accepting of textures.

Sands Alive! is the perfect moldable sand for sensory play. It comes in a variety of themed sets, like Glow or Paver Pete, to pique a child's interest.

Calming Gift: Senseez Pillow


If the autistic child in your life craves sensation as a calming mechanism, the Senseez Pillow may be just what they need to stay relaxed. This cushioned pillow provides the right amount of support to cradle your child and make them feel safe.

Each Senseez pillow also vibrates when sat on or squeezed to provide the extra sensory input an autistic child craves. Choose the one the child will love most, from a soccer ball print to a bumpy-textured turtle.

Social Skills Gift: Social Skills Board Game


One of the most frustrating things children with autism and their parents struggle with is the development of social skills. Fortunately, autistic children of all ages can develop proper social skills with the help of their loved ones, therapies, school, and toys.

The Social Skills Board Games set includes six games that focus on important social skills to master, like manners and managing emotions. The games are best for ages 6 to 11.

Focus Gift: WatchMinder


Autistic children want independence like other children their age. WatchMinder can help them gain that independence as they grow older.

This vibrating watch acts as an alert system, reminding a child throughout the day to focus, participate in social activities or group work, and remember medications. Or, parents can use it as a positive reinforcement tool for their child.

The Best Gifts: Thoughtful and Helpful

The best gifts for autistic children may take a little more thought than those for average children. These gifts provide autistic children with valuable skills, sensory input, and the emotional support needed to help them feel secure and independent. Find out what helps the daily routine of the autistic child and their parents, and consider one of these helpful gift ideas.